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Peel 3d’s scanning software

Easy onboarding. Intuitive use 3d scanning software.

Behind every great 3D scanner, there is an even greater software. peel 3d makes no exception! It is packed with powerful tools and features normally only found in premium solutions. It provides you with full control to finalize your scans and work with your data faster.





Remove tables, backgrounds and

unwanted objects from your scan in a snap.








Can’t get it all in a single pass?

Seamlessly combine several scans into one...lightning fast.








Optimize computer performance and save space by reducing

the number of triangles your model has based on its geometry.








Flip your scan and turn it into a left-hand









Make your model watertight with one click!









Set the origin of your model to the

perfect location to use in a variety of other software.








Employ up to three alternating features with an option to

use an image or video and include a call to action button.








Your scans don't have to be rough round the edges! Eliminate

the noise--all while keeping important details!.








Cut your mesh with a plane and make

its base perfectly flat..




Minimum System Requirements

You are interested in our 3D scanning solution, but you are wondering if your hardware and software are powerful enough to run and sustain them?

You’ll find below the minimum system requirements you need to ensure optimal operation of the peel 3d measurement solutions.

Computer Model

HP ZBook 15 (recommended)


Intel Core i7 (4+ cores) – 2.7 GHz or more

Operating System*

Windows 7 64 bits, Windows 8.1 64 bits or Windows 10 64 bits

Graphics Card

NVIDIA card with 2GB memory or more 
OpenGL 4.3 and later


16 GB (minimum) or 32 GB (recommended)

Hard Drive

At least 100 GB of free space or 200 GB (recommended)

Connecting Ports

1 USB 2.0, USB 3.0 compatible

* 32-bits OS are not supported.

A few examples of what can be done

You will be amazed.

HMR peel 3d Scanner South Africa

Indonesian statue

This magnificent hand-carved statue was imported from Bali, Indonesia. Highly detailed, it is made of sandstone and was scanned in a few minutes directly, without any preparation with peel 3d.

This digital replica can now be archived or used as a reference for restoration in the years to come; a great example of what peel 3d can do in heritage preservation.

HMR peel 3d Scanner South Africa

Gas tank

This is a bare metal gas tank belongs to a car. Although a mechanical component, it features a good level of complexity and lots of organic shapes that would be challenging to model directly with a good accuracy.

This is a great example of how peel 3d can be used in engineering. This component was scanned directly, without any preparation and could be used as a dimensional reference in an assembly or as a reference to create a CAD model.

HMR peel 3d Scanner South Africa

Ornamental mirror frame

This is an intricate mirror frame that was scanned laying of a flat surface and with the help of a few targets placed all around it.

This challenging object was still no match for peel 3d, the available data processing tools made it easy to isolate the scan and finalize it; and the results came out great!